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on benghazi. clinton said chris stevens knew the risk when he volunteered for the assignment. he was a speaker for north africa. this is 40 minutes. >> none of them are very hard. the first job is i want to welcome my friends and ambassadors. we honored that you came to join us today. second i want to ask after our keynote address is done, you all remain in your seats to help get the party out of the room. and my third task is to introduce somebody who needs less of an introduction than anybody in washington. general brother croft is national security advice tor to ford and bush. a graduate of west point. i think for all of us who have worked with him he's a model of judgment here in washington. he's a counselor and trustee of crirks is and i introduce general to introduce our keynote speaker. thank you. >> good afternoon. it's a real pleasure for me to be able to stand here for jon and introduce our speaker today. it's a testimony to the importance of north africa, to global security that the secretary of state has taken time to address this conference oh on the ma grab in transition. the for
justice john paul stevens will talk about the second amendment and gun laws. our live coverage begins at 12:15 eastern time on c-span2. monday, we will look at the future of world broadband telecommunications. the hudson institute will debate whether the subsidies should be provided to companies in exchange for extending broadbent and other services to rural areas. our live broadcast begins at 10:00 a.m. eastern on the c- span. >> c-span brings a special perspective into what is happening in washington, particularly your coverage of the house and senate. if something is going on in the house or senate, and something will go on in the next five years, c-span covers this very well, and it is one of the major news sources or news happenings in washington. we are all struggling with health care. c-span was the authoritative voice covering health care. when we were worried about the financial system, c-span was the authoritative voice on what congress will do or will not do in terms of the financial system. >> c-span, created by america's cable companies in 1979. brought to you as a public
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2